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General food suggestions

The internet is one of the most reliable means that our food is using to spread their pro-pulsist propaganda. It is also the most reliable means for us to find them.

Anyone looking for fresh food is encouraged to look for Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and other shops and stores that provide the one thing that our food needs to survive:


You see, we do not need to rest, or sleep, or even stop, so long as we can find an adequate supply of fresh food. Our prey, on the other hand, can only run on adrenaline just so long before they desperately need caffeine to keep themselves going. Likewise, all of these places provide wireless internet access so they can reassure one another of their safety.


Go to these places, my friends. Find the food. Feast upon them! Gorge yourselves on their brains!!!

And when you're done...

Post about it here!

After all, there's wireless internet service at all of these places!

Let us know what and who you found, and where you found them.

Let us know what drinks go best with the various kinds of brains you eat.

Espresso with Mediterranean brains?

French grind with the French?

Mocha with Swiss?

Chai with Thai?

Your opinion counts!

Remember, being brainless doesn't mean you have to be tasteless!
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